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Speed monitoring

Speed monitoring: drive systems safely monitored

Speed monitoring can be used wherever a continuous pulse signal can be monitored. Drives regulated by speed monitoring generally have a front sensor, which detects the current speed of the drive, and then translates that into an electrical signal. In addition, the sensor detects when speed limits are reached or exceeded.

Benefits of the speed monitors from ifm electronic

With the top-quality speed monitors from ifm electronic, you can safely and efficiently monitor and evaluate speeds. The compact speed monitor series particularly shines with its integrated processor, simple adjustment, and a five-year warranty. Speed monitoring is typically used when systems require stoppage recognition, processing release, or belt monitoring.


Speed monitoring from ifm electronic at unbeatable prices

We at Automation24 offer a variety of speed monitors from ifm electronic, including the Speed Monitor DD0203 – D200/FR1A 110-240VAC 24VDC with housing for DIN rail mounting, the compact speed monitors with size M18 design such as the DI6001 - DGA4012-WPKG/US, or the size M30 design such as the DI0101 - DIA2010-ZROA/5-3600 I/MIN. We offer all of these products at highly competitive prices, alongside excellent customer service to help you choose the right speed monitors for your systems.

Order speed monitoring products at Automation24 online today to take advantage of their safe operation and timesaving installation, as well as our competitive prices!