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ProComSol Logo Are you looking high-quality HART® products at the best prices? ProComSol offers just that! The construction of industrial fieldbus has never been easier thanks to HART® communication solutions from ProComSol!

Who is ProComSol?

ProComSol, headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) communication products.

In 2005, ProComSol introduced the first Bluetooth HART® modem to the market. The next year they followed this with the innovative communication software, DevCom2000, and offered the first products based on SDC-625 technology. With the DevComDroid Smart Communicator App for Android and the DevCom.iOS Smart Communicator App for IOS, ProComSol has become known as the first producer of app technology for DD-based HART® communication. They continue to pursue cutting edge HART® solutions for the efficient connection, configuration, and documentation of systems processes.

Where are ProComSol HART® solutions used, and which advantages do they offer?

Whenever device data from the field is to be collected and processed, the use of HART®-based system components is essential. Your benefits include:

  • Convenient wireless communication with field devices
  • Significant cost savings over competing products
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software

HART® products from ProComSol available at Automation24!

At Automation24 you will find a selection of HART® modems with robust ABS/rubber housings and additional Bluetooth or USB interfaces. Depending on your requirements, these are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, or with the Windows operating system. The modems are vital for convenient and reliable configuration and monitoring of your HART® devices.

In addition, the DevCom 2000 communication software for Windows, DevComIOS for iOS, and DevComDroid for Android systems offer the same dependable and crucial remote access to the functions of your application.

Find the process solutions you need from ProComSol available at Automation24. Questions? Our technical support engineers are standing by if you have any questions or require additional information on ProComSol products