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Motor starters / Load feeders

Motor starters for all applications

Motor starters are needed to switch motors on and off. They are also used to reverse and protect against overload and undervoltage. Motor starters are manufactured for different power classes and with different functions. On the one hand motor starters are available as direct starters or reversing starters, also as compact starters, and on the other hand as soft starters. Compact starters are a useful combination of circuit breaker, contactor and electronic overload relay. They are available as direct or reversing starter.

Applications of motor starters

Typical applications are for example:

  • Conveyor belts: reversing starter for directional control
  • Fans in building management systems
  • Ideally suited as direct starter for small drives

All kinds of motor starters are mounted in control cabinets in direct proximity to the drive.


Siemens motor starters at unbeatably low prices

Automation24 carries the tried-and-tested Siemens compact starters with the matching accessories. There is a starter suitable for every application in the range, for example the Siemens SIRIUS 3RM10011AA14. This SIRIUS motor starter from Siemens is distinguished by its narrow width of 22.5 mm, significantly reducing the required space in the control cabinet.

At Automation24 you find a large selection of motor starters at excellent prices. Select the ideal motor starter for your application now!