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The Siemens LOGO! logic module with integrated web server

Open up a world of possibilities with LOGO! logic modules

Take a closer look and find out here why LOGO! logic modules from Siemens are essential for automation technology

Logo! basic modules

LOGO! logic module – clever & versatile

How can I use LOGO! logic modules for my application?

What industries are the Siemens LOGO! logic modules suited for?

How does the LOGO! logic module compare to the Micro810 from Allen Bradley?

New Siemens LOGO! – easy remote access with an integrated web server

Create your own LOGO! communication network today

Featured Videos

LOGO! logic module – clever & versatile

For smaller automation tasks in the industrial world as well as applications in the building technology, pool, HVAC, and agricultural industries, Siemens LOGO! logic modules prove to be indispensable.

Thanks to the integrated Ethernet interface, you can connect the logic modules with other Siemens LOGO! components to form sophisticated communication networks.

Due to the capability to connect with expansion modules,communication modules, or the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels, you always have access to various areas of your application and remain informed about the status of your machines and systems.

With this, you can react immediately when necessary and prevent impending machine breakdowns regardless of where you are. Unnecessary downtime is a thing of the past.

Despite the vast functionality of these logic modules, programming is simple. Thanks to LOGO! Soft Comfort software, creating your program is as easy as dragging and dropping!

Siemens LOGO! network

LOGO! logic modules can be connected in many ways

How can I use LOGO! Logic modules for my application?

Thanks to their versatile design, the logic modules can be easily integrated into countless automation applications. Simple programming and diverse input/output configuration capabilities ensure that the LOGO! logic modules are compatible with your system design.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can create the perfect program to automate your process. LOGO! Soft Comfort software makes the programming process incredibly user friendly with an easy to navigate user interface, included sample application programs, and drag and drop programming.

Examples of prewritten programs:

  • Irrigation system for greenhouse plants
  • Domestic outdoor and indoor lighting systems
  • Conveyor control systems
These convenient programs can be used as a template for your application, making implementation even easier! LOGO! logic modules work with either ladder logic or function blocks and can translate between both languages.

What industries are the Siemens LOGO! logic modules suited for?

While the LOGO! logic module is suited for a wide variety of applications across any number of industries, we have identified some sectors that are ideally suited to what these dynamic modules have to offer.



  • 7-day 24-hour timer functions for plant watering
  • Lighting control
  • Temperature and ventilation control (With RTD expansion module)
Pool or spa

Pool or spa

  • Pump control for energy efficiency
  • Timing control for water features such as splash pads
  • Dimming/timing control for lighting (Automatic daylight savings adjustment)
Building technology/Home automation

Building technology/Home automation

  • Gate control
  • 7-day 24-hour indoor/outdoor lighting and shutter control
  • Cistern pump control


  • Elevating platform control
  • Motor speed control
  • Automatic conveyor sequences


  • Boiler sequence control
  • Two-point heating control
  • Control circulation pumps
Additional key applications

Additional key applications

  • Bell system for schools or lunch/break alarms
  • Storefront light timing
  • Energy consumption monitoring

How does the LOGO! logic module compare to the Micro810 from Allen Bradley?

In comparison to the Micro810 programmable relay from Allen Bradley, we find that the LOGO! logic modules from Siemens provide several advantages that indicate a significant upside as your solution for small automation tasks. Have a look for yourself.

Siemens LOGO! Allen Bradley Micro810
Operating Voltage 12 V DC, 24/120/240 V AC/DC 12/24 V DC, 120/240 V AC
Relay output Current rating 10A (resistive) 8A
Standard I/O 8in (4 0-10 V)/4 out 8in (4 0-10 V)/4 out
Expandable I/O 24/20 DI/O, 8/8 AI/O No
Analog output Available No
4-20 mA input Available No
RTD input Available No
Interface Ethernet (embedded) USB (separate)
Network compatible Yes No
Wireless communication Available No
Max program size 8.5 KB 2 KB
Expandable memory With SD card No
Data logging Yes No
Web server Integrated No
Display Included (select models) Separate
Touch screen HMI Available No
Operating Temperature -20-55 °C 0-55 °C

New Siemens LOGO! – easy remote access with an integrated web server

Siemens LOGO! Webeditor in action

The web editor in action

Remote access and control of your application is easier than ever before with the integrated web server capabilities of LOGO! logic modules. The new logic module allows access through a customizable web page. Make remote access and control of your process your own by creating a personalized interface.

With the associated web editor you will be able to independently create websites that allow you to visualize and control your devices. This requires no HTML knowledge . In addition to the ability for individual backgrounds to be easily uploaded, factory-ready pre-built control and display elements are also available in a virtual library. If you have programming experience, you can design additional elements and add them to the library as needed.

The web editor also allows you to set different screen resolutions to ensure optimal presentation on different devices.

Wireless monitoring and operation of your machines and systems via PC, tablet or smartphone has never been this easy.

Create your own LOGO! communication network today

When used with an expansion module, HMI Basic Panel, or a CMR communication module from the Control systems category, LOGO! basic modules form a complete network to control and operate your devices.

Make your selection now:

LOGO! Logic modules


Featured videos

In the following videos, you can view the easy handling and features of the SINAMICS V20 variable frequency drives as well as the possible uses in combination with the web server module.

Siemens LOGO! 8

Building Automation

The web editor can be downloaded here free of charge:

To the web editor

With the new Siemens LOGO! logic modules and the possibility of easy remote control via integrated web server, you have your systems always under control. Discover the benefits today!

Do you need technical advice on the products? Then simply contact us. We will be glad to help you.