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Leuze electronic Automation24 offers you photoelectric sensors built for every application from the experienced manufacturer Leuze.

Leuze electronic: advanced sensor solutions

Leuze electronic was founded in 1963 in Owen/Teck, Germany. They started with the goal of producing sensors for Leuze's own weaving mill. Since that time Leuze’s focus has been development and integration of special sensors for challenging tasks in the packaging industry. They have built a reputation as a quality component manufacturer for many decades – and their customers benefit from this expertise. With the 25 series, for example, demonstrates the most powerful through-beam photoelectric sensor, a dynamic reference diffuse sensor specially designed for detecting products and packaging on conveyor belts and a highly precise retro-reflective photoelectric sensor for detecting clear glass. It provides customers solutions for all packaging applications.

The perfect solution for numerous areas of application

With the growth of increasingly creative product inventions, this driver of innovation continuously developed more customers from different industrial sectors, such as the:

  • Automobile industry
  • Printing industry
  • Timber industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Drinks industry

Leuze photoelectric sensors and laser sensors for different applications in the Automation24 online shop

The vast experience that Leuze has gathered over time can be seen today in the outstanding quality of its sensors.

Automation24 is also impressed by this and values the manufacturer as an experienced industry partner. In the range of products we offer, you will find a selection of cubic photoelectric sensors and laser sensors from Leuze for various applications in the Position sensors category, including:

3C model: Thanks to the diverse range of models of the compact 3C series, these sensors are used in a wide range of applications, such as in mounting/handling technology as well as in the transport of very small containers, in printing technology or in packaging systems.

Series 15: Thanks to its standard function principles, these products are suitable for universal industrial use.

Model 23: The miniature format offers comparable features to series 15. However, it can be operated via multiturn potentiometer making it a convenient solution for a variety of applications.

25C sensor series: From the through-beam photoelectric sensor to the sensor with background suppression, the 25 series offers an extensive sensor product line that has been optimized for a wide range of applications, especially in intralogistics and packaging technology. Large operating ranges for their compact size.

46C series: With a very sturdy plastic enclosure, this series is suitable for the timber industry, materials and warehouse technology, and special machine construction. The sensors also have a long range and are easy to align. They can be set using a potentiometer or mechanical setting. The warning output ensures continuous operation.

All models can optionally be light/dark-switching, have clearly visible LED indicators and offer high ambient light immunity thanks to A²LS (Active Ambient Light Suppression). In addition, many of the Leuze Optosensors are Ecolab certified and therefore suitable for use in harsh industry environments.

At Automation24, you will find a wide range of sensors from Leuze that are reliable and built to last in harsh conditions. If you need help selecting the correct sensor for your application or would like to learn more about Leuze products, call 610-981-2900.