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Encoders - Absolute and Incremental

Encoders detect rotational speed, positions, lengths, angles, and conveyor travel. With them, mechanical motions are converted into electrical signals, which can then be evaluated via PLC, industrial PC, speedometer or counter.

There is a distinction between absolute and incremental encoders. While absolute encoders provide precise signals for each position, incremental encoders generate a number of pulses per revolution. In the event of a power outage, absolute encoders can continue their function again right from the position where they left off from previously, as opposed to incremental encoders, which must always have an initial reference point assigned.

Encoders are available in both solid and hollow shaft versions. Hollow shaft versions can be mounted directly on the shaft, making them particularly space saving.

Encoders and their application areas

Encoders are suitable for many industrial applications, and see frequent use in the following areas:

  • Automation technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Packaging technology
  • Handling equipment
  • Conveyor system technology

For most applications, such encoders are used where the magnetic detection principle can be applied. These are also more robust, when compared to optical variants.


Cutting-edge encoders from ifm at Automation24

In the field of drive technology, you can find incremental encoders from ifm. You can choose between the basic series such as the ifm electronic RV3100, and versions including displays and programming keys, such as the ifm efector RVP510.

Both versions offer IO-Link communication and are available as solid and hollow shaft. Thanks to the rotating connection, your cable is both radially and axially suitable. Both the basic encoder, as well as the versions with display, allow free programming of line numbers 1...10,000, as well as the signal level TTL/HTL. Both operate according to the magnetic detection principle, and have a temperature range of -40 to 85 °C.

The basic encoders with 5-pole M12 connector are preset and programmable via IO-Link. Furthermore, they are robust, shock- and vibration-resistant. The encoders with color-changing display and 3-key operation have an 8-pole M12 connector, and can be programmed locally at the device. The integrated functions of speed and rotational direction monitoring in one housing make it an innovation in the market.

In conjunction with the incremental encoders, we also offer accompanying mechanical accessories such as flexible couplings and measuring wheels.

With incremental encoders, Automation24 offers you innovative features at an excellent price-performance ratio. Order today and enjoy discounts off the manufacturer's recommended list price!