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Industrial controls

Switching technology for every application

Switching devices are the key to every process cycle. No matter the application or machine - with switching devices it is possible to start, interrupt or stop an application. Devices are specified in respect to each individual application’s requirements for switching capacity and voltage range. These devices are not only ON-OFF switches but also main switches to start and to end the entire process cycle. Contactors and relays can also be used to start motors for example. Timer relays ensure the necessary bridging times in your process.

Reliability by using the right switching device

Switching devices must be adapted to the respective operating conditions and process requirements. Possible selection factors based on device performance include:

  • Switching power
  • Voltage range
  • Operating mode

Select between several varieties to switch your system components with industrial control devices from Automation24.


Quality switching devices

Automation24 offers different switching devices from Siemens, LS ELECTRIC, Lovato Electric and SELEC Controls, who you can select from depending on your application or needs. Siemens is one of the market leaders in the field of switching technology as protection of energy supply units in processes. Automation24 offers you high-quality, reliability and security for your system and your staff at especially excellent prices.

The switching power and the voltage range depend on the components connected in your application. The protection rating should be selected according to the operating conditions. Main contactors from Siemens are available in both 120 V AC, 24 V AC, and 24 V DC control voltages with power ratings up to 25 HP. In the timer relay category, Automation24 offers extremely versatile timer relays with up to 15 independent time functions on one unit from SELEC Controls. If you require a versatile disconnect switch, the UL rated disconnect switches available from Lovato provide a compact and secure solution. Also offered are several motor control solutions, including main contactors and thermal overload relays available from the quality components manufacturer LS ELECTRIC.

At Automation24 you find low priced switching devices from the market leaders. Select the perfect switching device for your application now!