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SIRIUS Modular System

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Easilly and reliably switch, protect, start, and monitor your motors and equipment with the SIRIUS Modular System from Siemens. The modular design allows for simplified construction and installation into the control cabinet. Compared to the traditional design, the SIRIUS Modular System provides a hastle-free solution that not only provides maximum flexibility but also reduces wiring effort!

Simple, easy, SIRIUS – Everything your control cabinet needs

SIRIUS Modular System: Numerous advantages over the traditional design

The SIRIUS Modular System from Siemens is an ideal and space saving solution for use in control cabinets, thanks to the following advantages over the traditional structure:

  • Modular design
  • Simple wiring and commissioning
  • Low maintenance & reliability
  • High operational safety
  • Convenient matching accessories available

Through it’s modular design and simple wiring options, the SIRIUS Modular System components can be easily combined. Perfect mechanical coordination also contributes to increased operational reliability and minimal maintenance. Since a good amount of wiring is eliminated with the simple modular installation style, quick and easy commissioning is ensured.

The SIRIUS Modular System represents a flexible and reliable solution to the conventional design and is used in a variety of industrial applications.

SIRIUS Modular System at Automation24

At Automation24 you can find a wide variety of SIRIUS Modular System components. In the Industrial controls category, we offer Main contactors, Contactors, Accessories for contactors, as well as Thermal overload relays and Electronic overload relays.

In addition, you can find Circuit breakers for motor protection and Circuit breakers for starter combinations with the accompanying Accessories for circuit breakers in the category Circuit protection. Moreover, there are Compact motor starters in Automation24's Drive technology category. All components are offered with secure screw connections for safe wiring. Compact starters such as the Siemens 3RM10011AA14 represent a particularly efficient and space-saving solution with overcurrent monitoring and contactor all in one convenient unit.

The SIRIUS Modular System from Siemens is the ideal solution for building control cabinets in a simple, flexible and rapid fashion. Don’t waste any time finding the right components for your needs now at Automation24 at an excellent price.