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ifm pressure sensors

Choose the ideal pressure sensor for every application

Do you need to reliably measure and monitor the system pressure of your applications? Automation24 can help you find the right pressure sensor at the best price! Find out here why products from ifm, the sensor specialist, represent the perfect choice in the industrial measurement technology field.

We also offer pressure transmitters from ifm and WIKA!

ifm pressure sensors

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All about pressure sensors from ifm at Automation24

Pressure sensors at the best prices

At Automation24 it is easy to find high-quality ifm pressure sensors at the best prices for your application. The products available are ideal for industrial and washdown applications. We are confident that we have the perfect solution for your pressure measurement process and offer a variety items to choose from: with or without display, classic pressure sensors, pressure switches and pressure transmitters. The sensors and transmitters from ifm and WIKA provide robust solutions that you can rely on!

ifm pressure sensors for industrial applications

Inductive sensors from ifm for standard applications such as position sensing of metal pipes

PN pressure sensors from ifm in use: clearly indicates the acceptable ranges

Pressure sensors from ifm with display for industrial areas

PN series sensors with programmable two-color digital display enable quick and easy reading of current process values and switching states. Simple 3-button operation ensures comfortable setting options and the 345° rotatable process connection guarantees optimal sensor alignment in every situation.

The PN pressure sensors are available in a wide variety of pressure ranges from -14.5…5800 psi and are suited to a wide range of industrial applications thanks to their high overload resistance as well as their IP67 protection rating.

The PN2 sensors come equipped with GL approval, making them ideal for use in the shipbuilding industry. Additionally, all sensors in the PN line are well suited for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Discover the PN pressure sensor advantages in the video section below.

For vacuum and compressed air measurement in pneumatic applications, the moisture-resistant PQ3 series of pressure sensors with programmable switching and analog outputs will serve you well. Pressure switch type PQ7 with two switching outputs, one of which acts as a diagnostic output, is also available. Both types of sensors have a silicon measuring cell. In addition, they each have a beveled 4-digit alphanumeric change display to clearly indicate the values within an acceptable range.

PQ sensors are available with a measuring range of -1…10 bar. Integrated mounting holes make installation a breeze.

Inductive sensors from ifm for standard applications such as position sensing of metal pipes

PQ series: overpressure and vacuum resistant

Inductive sensors from ifm for standard applications such as position sensing of metal pipes

PG24 pressure sensor with analogue rotatable display

In addition to the sensors with digital display, the PG24 series is also available with analog and rotatable display including an LED bar graph for switching point display. Thanks to the large pointer display, you can easily read trends or minimum and maximum values. The output function is shown via LED display and is easilly programmable via the optical buttons.

The PG24 pressure sensor covers a measuring range from -14.5-145 psi and is suitable for use in the machine tool area or for pressure measurements of media with low viscosity.

Most ifm pressure sensors with display have an IO-Link interface for extended communication options. The sensors are therefor equipped for Industry 4.0.

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Pressure sensors from ifm without display for the industrial sector

Automation24 also offers you a large selection of ifm pressure sensors without a display.

For example, the PK6 series of electronic pressure switches are available for hydraulic and pneumatic applications as well as for pressure monitoring for refrigeration technology. The optimally readable adjusting rings allow you to easily set the switching points. The mechanical lock prevents unintentional adjustment.

These sensors are both robust and space-saving and available for a pressure measuring range up to 5800 psi.

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Inductive sensors from ifm: KPlus sensors with constant correction factor on all metals

ifm PK6 series: easy to adjust thanks to convenient adjusting rings

ifm pressure sensors for washdown applications

Inductive sensors from ifm in special sizes

PI pressure sensors from ifm: insensitive to aggressive media

Pressure sensors from ifm with display for washdown

ifm’s PI series of pressure sensors are available from Automation24 with a measuring range of -15…362 psi. This series features a high-purity ceramic measuring cell and has a programmable analog output in 2-wire operation for long-term stability. The 4-digit alphanumeric display and the status LEDs ensure easy and intuitive operation.

They operate with a high accuracy of 0.2% and thanks to their tight and hygienic housing, meet the requirements for hygienic applications. This includes those applications with FDA and 3A requirements such as dairy, food and beverage, and brewery applications. Thanks to the high temperature resistance and electronic temperature compensation, you can easily withstand intensive cleaning processes (CIP/SIP).

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ifm pressure sensors in action – more examples

The high-performance pressure sensors from ifm can be used in various areas including:

  • Hydraulic applications
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Machine tools
  • Food industry

Check out some more examples of ifm pressure sensors in action:

Shock and vibration resistant for reliable end position detection in every situation

PN pressure sensor from ifm in use in a hydraulic unit

ifm all-metal sensors always perform well even when in contact with coolants

PQ pressure sensors for compressed air monitoring in pneumatic systems

Additional information

ifm Logo Why choose ifm pressure sensors?

ifm is a sensor specialist with 50 years of experience. If you choose ifm pressure sensors, you can rely on outstanding and proven quality. At Automation24, we are convinced that ifm sensors are the right choice! For this reason, you will find a large selection of sensors from ifm for different areas of application.

Video section: Advantages of the ifm pressure sensor PN7 & advantages of pressure sensors with ceramic-capacitive measuring cells in the food industry

  • Video 1: In this video you will learn why the PN7 pressure sensors from ifm are ideally suited for use in industrial applications.

  • Video 2: In general, two types of pressure sensors are used in the food industry – devices with ceramic-capacitive measuring cell and metal diaphragm seal. If you've ever wondered which of the two types of sensors is best suited to meet the demanding requirements of the food industry, then you will find the answer in this video.

PN7 pressure sensors from ifm: Key features

Comparison: PN7 vs. conventional metal diaphragm seals in the food industry

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ifm pressure sensors are an indispensable part of sensor systems in industrial measurement technology field. Automation24 offers you the right sensor type for almost every application in the Process sensors category. We are confident that the right pressure sensor is available to you at Automation24!

If you need help with your selection, our engineers are standing by to answer all of your application questions. Give us a call at 800-250-6772. You can also reach us via our live chat on the right-hand side of the page or via email at We are here for you and happy to help!