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Datalogic LogoDoes your application require reliable position sensing or safeguarding open access areas? If so, we've got high-quality solutions in stock at the best prices from Datalogic.

Datalogic – innovation as a recipe for success

Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Datalogic has been a global market leader in automatic data acquisition and industrial automation technology for over 40 years. The company began manufacturing optical sensors in 1972 and has since continued to create innovative products that match the needs of this ever-changing industry.

Datalogic – customer satisfaction through quality

Datalogic's business philosophy is based on customer satisfaction through high product quality and respect for the environment. Datalogic continuously develops the technology of its products in order to always keep up to date with the latest production standards and to meet customer needs. All Datalogic products undergo testing in accordance with ISO 9001 for a guaranteed high quality product.

The range of solutions available from Datalogic offer countless benefits for a variety of applications. In our Datalogic portfolio you can find:

Datalogic at Automation24

In the Automation24 online shop Safety light curtains category you will find the safety light curtain 957901010 - SG4-14-030-OO-E from Datalogic for a great price. This type 4 light curtain has a 14 mm resolution and a reaction time of 15 ms ensuring the safest environment for your personnel. Mounting material included!

We also offer a variety of diffuse reflection sensors from Datalogic. For example, diffuse reflection sensor 950811050 - S100-PR-2-C00-PK has a sensing range of 1-300 mm and comes pre-wired with a 2 m cable. It is insensitive to extraneous light allowing it to be used with both flourescent and stroboscopic light. It is ideal for detecting opague objects in packagigng and conveyor applications.

Shop the selection of high quality products from Datalogic in-stock now at Automation24! For more information on the components we offer, questions about your application, or any other assistance please send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help!