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Status lights

Status lights for reliable indication

Status lights reliably indicate the operating status of any system in industrial applications. As convenient complete devices in a compact format, their use is flexible and versatile where space is restricted. Their brightness is not limited by their size.

Compact alternative

In contrast to signal towers, status lights provide a space-saving, but still powerful, alternative for smaller systems and machines. These particularly durable and environmentally friendly signal lights provide excellent illumination and low energy consumption, thanks to the latest LED technology. They can be used in a temperature range from -30°C up to +50°C, and are extremely shock and vibration resistant.

The compact status lights are the optimum solution for many applications:

  • Test equipment
  • Access controls
  • Small production lines


Status lights at Automation24

Different colors can be selected for different signals; Automation24 provides a wide variety of status light solutions in our product line. Signal LED-rails from LED2WORK and compact signal lights from PATLITE are available in a variety of colors, whether you need neutral white light such as status light PATLITE NE-24A-C, or warning red light like status light PATLITE NE-24-R. Automation24 also offers the dynamic multicolor status light PATLITE NE-M1-CL7, with 7 different status color outputs in 1 compact unit.

Status lights from LED2WORK and PATLITE come in many colors at excellent prices. Select the perfect status light for your application today!