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Siemens Logo At Automation24 you will find a wide range of Siemens products at unbeatable prices! With these products, achieving process automation and control of your machines and systems is made simple and efficient. Look forward to proven Siemens quality!

Siemens: Automation technology for the highest demands

Siemens is among the best-known automation companies worldwide, and for good reason. Founded in Berlin in 1847, it is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic and industrial automation products in the world. For decades, it has stood for innovation, quality, and consistency. Business users from all industries rely on the technology developed by Siemens.

S7-1200: Intelligent automation technology

There is no doubt that the S7-1200 PLC from Siemens is among the most versatile products available in the automation market. These controllers can solve applications quickly and efficiently, and offer communication capabilities easily integrated into your control structure. The S7-1200 provides a space-saving and cost-efficient solution, which is an especially important factor in industrial automation. Digital I/O modules, analog I/O modules, and software matching the S7-1200 modules are also offered.

Siemens technology at Automation24

At Automation24, we carry a wide variety of products from Siemens in our range. Besides a large selection of LOGO! Mini controllers,various accessories can be ordered ranging from simple cabling to the LOGO! expansion modules. Motor control can also be achieved with available main contactors, thermal overload relays and variable frequency drives from Siemens.

Check out high-quality Siemens technology at unbeatable prices at Automation24. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns via chat, e-mail or telephone. Click here for our full contact information.