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microsonicAre you looking for proven ultrasonic sensors at the best prices? We recommend the products from the ultrasonic sensor specialist microsonic. Ultrasonic sensors from microsonic allow you to position products reliably, detect objects, measure substance levels, and more!

microsonic - innovation in ultrasonic technology

Founded in 1990, microsonic - located in Dortmund, Germany - is an internationally renowned and valued specialist in the field of ultrasonic sensors. Their products borrow from the scientific principles of ultrasound found in nature, because humans and animals have always used sound as an information medium and as a means of measurement: bats can locate their position by means of ultrasound, dolphins can detect shoals of fish using ultrasonic frequencies, and humans count the seconds between seeing a bolt of lightning and hearing the thunder in order to determine just how near a storm is. Such natural applications of sonic detection have been adapted by microsonic to provide unique solutions in automation and industrial engineering.

microsonic: Versatile solutions for versatile applications

microsonic develops and markets components and complete solutions for automation processes and other applications of ultrasonic sensors. The company is continuously registering new patents and widening its product range to lead the industry with innovative ideas, focusing on the ideals of engineering, precision and knowledge.

microsonic at Automation24

There are many products from microsonic available through Automation24, a premier mail-order business with favorable prices on a wide selection of automation technology and accessories. Our product range covers simple accessories such as the MW-ZWS 2 angle bracket or the MW-ZWS 3 angle bracket, as well as high-tech products such as the mic+25/DD/TC ultrasonic sensor.

If you want to use components in the realm of ultrasonic sensors for your automation process, products from microsonic are always a good choice. At Automation24, you can find technical information about products, order them easily and have them delivered to you as fast as possible.