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Circuit breakers for motors and starters

Circuit breakers for motor protection and starter combinations

A circuit breaker is an electromechanical switching device to switch the circuit of a machine or installation on or off. In case of a short circuit or overload the circuit breaker switches off automatically. This protects the installation and the load. The circuit breaker is also used for the safe separation of the installation from the mains for maintenance and changes or for switching machines with limited switching frequency under normal operating conditions. It is differentiated between circuit breakers for motor protection, so-called motor-protective circuit-breakers, with integrated overload monitoring and circuit breakers for starter combinations for mere short-circuit protection.

Industrial use of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are used in almost all fields of industry. For example:

  • as motor-protective circuit-breakers for drives
  • as circuit breakers for transformers
  • as protectors for starter combinations

The screw connection technology allows easy mounting and wiring of the circuit breakers.


Circuit breakers at Automation24

Automation24 carries Siemens circuit breakers which are a part of the SIRIUS modular system so that they can be combined with contactors, overload relays and soft starters. The components are available in sizes S0 and S00. The operating current with AC -3, 400 V varies according to the switch between 3.2A and 40A. Besides circuit breakers for motor protection and for starter combinations, the matching accessories are also available.

Manual motor starters from LS ELECTRIC are also available. The compact current-limiting manual motor starters are ideally suited to provide superior line protection.

At Automation24 you find a large selection of circuit breakers at excellent prices. Select the circuit breaker suitable for your application now!