Crimping tools

Crimp tool for wire end ferrules with and without plastic collar, Hexagonal crimp (hexagon), Crimping range: 0.14-10 mm², Length: 195 mm
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Crimping tools for extra strong connections

After the cutting and stripping of cables, follows the crimping.

With crimping, contact elements are pressed on to individual wires or strands. The resulting mechanical connections between cable ends and contacts are gas tight and can only be loosened with special tools. Crimping is thus a more modern and efficient alternative to welding and soldering contacts.

In order to produce such a long-lasting and homogeneous connection, crimping tools are used.

Crimping tools from Weidmüller - uncomplicated, reliable, good

The manufacturer Weidmüller offers professional crimping tools to produce durable and electrically secure connections between cable ends and contacts.

The crimp tools are characterized by:

  • Optimal adaptation to different conductors
  • Practical features for proper handling
  • Compliance with international regulations and standards

For the processing of different cable diameters and contacts, there is in each case a Weidmüller crimping tool suitable for this purpose. Practical functions such as the handle lock release mechanism ensures that the crimping process is carried out properly and international standards and regulations are observed.


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Automation24 offers crimping tools from the manufacturer Weidmüller for wire end ferrules with insulation. 

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