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Monitoring relays

Monitoring relays - Protection for every plant

Thermal and electronic overload relays are used for current-dependent overload protection in the main circuit, and thus for the protection of any kind of machine or installation. Monitoring relays act as apparent/active current monitoring. They detect current that is too high and too low, mains and voltage errors, wire break, and phase failure in the whole installation. Electrical relays ensure a reduction of power loss by up to 98% as compared to thermal overload relays.

Use of current monitoring relays

Monitoring relays are used in all areas of electrical switchgear technology. The main tasks are:

  • Machine and plant protection
  • Motor protection

The monitoring relays can be easily integrated, thanks to the matching size and user-friendly screw connection, into the system. Their compact design affords more space in the control cabinet.


Different monitoring relays available

Automation24 carries electrical monitoring and protection relays from the premier manufacturer Selec. They monitor several crucial functions with adjustable thresholds and a number of operating ranges available both with digital displays, such as the 900VPR-2-280/520V-CU, and simple dial settings, as with the 600VPR-170/290-CU. We also offer thermal and electronic overload relays from Siemens such as thermal overload relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RU21160AB0. Electronic overload relays like Siemens SIRIUS 3RU21161DB0 ensure drastic reduction of power loss.

At Automation24, we offer a large selection of monitoring relays at very excellent prices. Select the perfect monitoring relay for your application now!