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This is us

Our innovative business model

The Internet has already found its way into most areas of life. In day-to-day business, it has become indispensable to exchange and obtain information, coordinate operations, and communicate. So too has product procurement on the Internet become crucial. We wanted to lead this trend, so in 2011 we entered the market with our business model based on the realization of an international online shop for standard automation technology products with a low-price guarantee.

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Who we are targeting

Our target groups are small- and medium-sized firms in the fields of industrial automation, mechanical engineering, construction and development, manufacturing, electrical trades, as well as public institutions and universities. Our products are sold exclusively through our online shop, via telephone, fax and email. We feel that a sales team in the field, a network of branch offices, and attendance of costly trade shows are unnecessary expenses. The resulting cost savings are passed directly on to you; our items are offered well below list price, with no purchase minimum and no quantity discounts.

A cohesive overall package

Our goal is to offer you a well-rounded selection of industrial automation technology. At the same time, our portfolio remains focused in scope so that all products have sufficient quantities in stock, and to ensure excellent technical support. To that end, we consciously avoid identical products from different manufacturers and curate a top-quality product range for you. We are also very happy to help by providing alternatives for products. We do everything we can to save you time and money – because your benefit is our goal!

The best evidence – what our customers say:

The most important point of view of a company is that of the customer. Our goal is to provide you with a quick and easy purchasing process, outstanding technical advice, and fast and safe delivery of goods guaranteed .

We are pleased about the more than 45,000 satisfied customers worldwide who have happily made use of our product offerings and services. We are thankful for a rating of 4.89/5.00 stars and a “Very Good” Trusted Shops Customer Rating among our international customer base, with nearly five out of five stars in all three categories: Delivery, Goods, and Customer service. Our customers particularly appreciate the fast delivery, outstanding service with live chat and technical specialist expertise, and the comprehensive information about their delivery after ordering.