This is us

Our innovative business model

For seven years now, we have been an international online shop for standard automation technology products with a low-price strategy of an average of 24% below MSRP.
Our customer is the focus of our company – that's why we rely on the Trusted Shops seal of approval in some countries, which not only secures your buyer protection, but also creates transparency about our services. Our aim is to guarantee small and medium-sized companies a simple and fast purchasing process with competent advice and fast and safe delivery of the goods.

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Who we are targeting

Our target groups are small and medium sized firms in the fields of mechanical engineering, construction and development, manufacturing as well as electrical trades and public institutions such as universities, for example. Our products are sold exclusively through our online-shop, via telephone, fax, e-mail and other online platforms. We feel that a sales team in the field with a network of branch offices and costly trade fair presentations are an unnecessary expense. The resulting cost advantage is directly passed on to you. Only in this way will you save on small quantities from the very first piece without surcharge, an average of 25-30 % compared to the recommended retail price.

The right product for you

Our goal is to offer you a well-rounded selection in the field of automation technology. At the same time the portfolio remains limited in scope so that all products have sufficient quantities in stock and to ensure the excellent technical support for all products. We therefore consciously avoid identical products from different manufacturers and provide a pre-selection for you. We are also happy to help you with the conversion of products. Through this you save time and money – because your benefit is our aspiration!

What our customers say:

We are pleased about the more than 60,000 satisfied customers who have happily taken up our product offerings and services. This is confirmed by our "Excellent" Trusted Shops Customer Rating with five out of five stars in all three categories: Delivery, Goods and Customer service. Fast delivery, good service with live chat and technical specialist expertise, along with ­comprehensive information about the delivery after the order are therefore ­particularly appreciated.

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