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Surge protection

Advantages of surge protection

In the event of a power surge, the circuitry of your machine is at considerable risk of damage or destruction. When a surge protector is commissioned, the excess voltage applied by the surge can be preemptively detected and diverted to ground, effectively sparing countless components on your machine. This result is a monumental savings in parts replacement and downtime.

Protect your machine with the following types of surge protectors:


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Automation24 offers a wide range of surge protectors online at low prices, including products from Weidmüller, among the leading manufacturers in their field. Products from this automation specialist are used in a variety of applications. Effectively reduce machine malfunction and damage associated with transient voltage surges with units like the surge protector Weidmüller VPU I 3+1 R 280V/12.5KA – 1352240000 with a voltage rating of 280 V AC, and a rated discharge current of 12.5 kA.

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