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Reliable, stable, and tailored supply voltage is a necessity when dealing with electronic equipment. Many devices require a specific voltage to operate safely and ideally, but that voltage may not be readily available. Transformers allow you to increase, decrease, and safely isolate voltages to suit your application needs.

There are many application areas for transformers, such as:

  • Voltage isolation
  • Voltage step down
  • Bucking or boosting applications


Order transformers online from Automation24

Automation24 offers you a wide variety of top of the line transformers at excellent prices. Acme transformers are of the highest quality and esteem in the transformer industry. The offered range transformers includes a wide range of primary and secondary voltage, both encapsulated and dry enclosed transformers, as well as buck boost transformers. The product range offered is ideal for a wide range of applications in the industrial automation and controls applications markets.

We can offer you transformers from Acme Electric, a Hubbell company, available for immediate shipment from our warehouse. Units like Control transformer Acme Electric T253008S 240/480 V AC input, 120/240 V AC output are perfect for wet and outdoor spaces. If you need to boost from 208 V AC to the commonly required 240 V AC, look no further than Buck-Boost transformer Acme Electric T113073 with 1 kVA power output. Independent primary and secondary voltages can be accommodated via different wiring configurations, so one device can solve several applications.

At Automation24 you can find a large selection of transformers at excellent prices. Select the perfect transformer for your application now!