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Cables / Wires

Cables - Vital connection technology

Cables are among the most important components in energy and automation technology. Even though wireless transmission methods via radio are used in many respects and numerous applications, cables are still essential in technological application areas. A conventional cable route still has some advantages over radio transmission, such as the direct energy transmission, and it has a considerably lower susceptibility to failure. Quality features such as excellent cable characteristics, kink-proof and crush-resistant insulation, or the suitability for special applications (for example suitability for drag chains of the cables used) are decisive.

Cable Applications

As already mentioned, cables are always used where energy is needed or signals have to be transferred. This is always the case in the field of automation and control technology, therefore cables are among the most important and most often used components in connection technology.

Cables are almost imperative in fields such as:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial installations
  • Building management systems
  • Ship building


Cables and other connection technology at Automation24

In the fields of cables, Automation24 offers a wide variety of suitable master cables for sensor/actuator boxes, whose high quality and reliable workmanship stand out, as well as high-speed data cables of varying specifications and formats to fit your application.

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