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Motion sensors

How can motion sensors help you?

Motion sensors can be used to detect advanced position, speed, and direction of various components in your process. Where simple position sensors can only provide feedback on instantaneous position, motion sensors can provide more in-depth signals, like average speed and direction traveled. Incremental encoders will report rotational position and speed with incredible accuracy, while speed sensors are an excellent way to simply monitor over/under speed applications.

Industrial motion applications

Motion sensors can lend the advanced feedback and accuracy required to support advanced motion and positionally dependent applications.With a wide range of uses and easy mounting, motion sensors are used for numerous applications:

  • Conveyor speed and position monitoring
  • Cut-to-length applications
  • Spooling and level winding
  • Web tension
  • Rotational position feedback


Huge selection of motion sensors at Automation24

Automation24 offers a wide variety of different motion sensors, from hollow and solid shaft incremental encoders, to speed sensors.

With such a range of motion sensors available, we here at Automation24 are confident that we can provide a solution for almost any motion sensing application, from incremental encoder ifm efector RUP500, featuring a convenient embedded display for programming and process monitoring, to compact speed monitor ifm efector DI0101 - DIA2010-ZROA/5-3600 I/MIN, with simple installation and setup for reliable speed monitoring.

At Automation24, we carry a large selection of motion sensors at excellent prices. Automate your application with the perfect motion sensors today!