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Position sensors

Operating principle of position sensors

Position sensors are used to detect objects. Depending on the material to be detected, different types of sensors are used to detect objects reliably and without contact. Inductive sensors can detect metal objects; the detection range depends on the design of the sensor. Capacitive sensors are used for object detection, irrespective of their material characteristics. In contrast to the inductive sensors, it is not a change in the magnetic field that is evaluated for position determination, but the change in capacitance in an electrical field. In applications where large detection zones are needed, ultrasonic sensors with long ranges are used. In addition, photoelectric sensors, such as light barriers or diffuse reflection sensors, are used for the detection of objects.

Industrial position determination

The main advantage of these sensors is the non-contact detection of components. Thanks to mechanical compatibility, old position switches can usually be easily replaced by sensors.

Due to their wide range of applications and easy mounting, the sensors are used for numerous applications such as:

  • Food industry
  • Packaging technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Paper production
  • Plastics industry


Huge selection of position sensors

Automation24 offers a wide variety of different position sensor types, from inductive sensors and capacitive sensors, to ultrasonic sensors and photoelectric sensors. Depending on the type of the selected sensor, the design or type of installation can be selected.

A decisive criterion for the selection of a position sensor is the output function. The user determines the function that the sensor should trigger. Capacitive, inductive and, ultrasonic sensors are often used as normally open. For light barriers, the output function is called light-on or dark-on mode. Photoelectric systems also provide a number of different function principles such as through-beam, retro-reflective, and diffuse reflection sensors.

At Automation24, we offer a large selection of position sensors at very favorable prices. Automate your application with the suitable position sensors today!