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Control systems

Control technology: How it works

Control technology is an important component in the world of automation. In control technology input values determine the performance of outputs. As opposed to feedback control technology the output value is not returned to the input by the controller.  Switching signals are usually processed digitally in control technology. The transmission of measured values such as pressure and temperature is usually made via analog signals. Digital protocols are, however, more and more often used since they are less prone to interference.

Application examples of control technology

Control technology is a relevant element in automation technology and is used in applications such as:

  • Machine control in industrial and manufacturing processes
  • Time-programmed controls
  • Controllers in building management systems (e.g. control of blinds or light)

There aren't many technical processes today in industrial and domestic areas that work without any controls. This is due to  applications becoming more and more complex and having individual requirements.


Control technology at Automation24

In Automation24's product range you can find a variety of controllers. Branded quality and reliability are ensured by products from renowned manufacturers such as Siemens whose  LOGO! Mini controllers are available in stock. Accessories such as LOGO! programming software can also be found. On top of this you can find Text displays as well as  Communication modules.

At Automation24 you find a large selection of products for control technology at excellent prices. Select the right article for your individual application now.