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Enclosure accessories

Enclosure accessories for simple installation

Enclosures can be used in a variety of applications in industry. To ensure easy integration of enclosures in industrial processes, correct fastening and a simple installation of the components has to be ensured. This is ensured by the suitable enclosure accessories.

FIBOX enclosure accessories for more options

The optional accessories for enclosures can be reliably fastened and the units can be quickly and easily mounted. Furthermore the scope of applications can be extended by the suitable accessories.


FIBOX enclosure accessories are available at Automation24

Accessories allow for easy adjustment and mounting of components in ARCA wall mounting cabinets. At Automation24, we offer mounting plates in a variety of materials, sizes, and functions, including dead front panels such as the ARCA ADFP1412, NEMA-rated painted steel back panels like the ARCA ANBP2420, and plastic back panels like the ARCA APBP66. Also on offer are various other mounting accessories, such as wall mounting brackets like the ARCA AMFL12, optional transparent enclosure covers such as the IPW 1614 BT, and swing panel hinge kits both with and without included aluminum panels, for instance the ARCA ASPHK10 and ARCA ASPK1010.

At Automation24, you only get top quality at low prices. Do not jeopardize the reliability and protection of your application; buy the suitable accessories for your FIBOX enclosure today.