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TERZ Industrial Electronics

TERZ Industrial Electronics Logo Do you require reliable networking of your devices? With the robust and high-performance unmanaged Ethernet switches from TERZ, secure and efficient data transmission is ensured. These products are in stock at Automation24 at the best prices!

Who is TERZ Industrial Electronics?

TERZ Industrial Electronics is a young German company from Bissendorf, which was founded in 2017 and specializes in the production of Internet-enabled network components for industrial applications. In its product portfolio, TERZ focuses particularly on the production of unmanaged Ethernet switches. All products are made in Germany and are UL approved for industrial applications.

Ethernet Switches from TERZ: Efficient & reliable networking

Unmanaged Ethernet switches from TERZ provide numerous advantages including their space-saving design, their performance as well as their robustness. Even under electromagnetic, mechanical and climatic challenging working conditions, they always ensure a high level of operational safety.

The reliable switches from TERZ are used in a variety of industries such as:
  • Transport and traffic technology
  • Aviation technology
  • Robotics and factory automation
  • Mobile work machines

Thanks to the Industrial Ethernet standards, Ethernet switches can be used to create a variety of efficient networks between Ethernet-compatible devices. With the wireless transmission of data and energy, the flexible connection, control and remote monitoring of machines is possible. Additional material costs for cables and power supplies as well as long idle times due to undetected machine failures are a thing of the past. The efficiency of work processes is thereby significantly increased.

Products from TERZ in stock at Automation24 for an excellent price performance ratio

With products from TERZ Industrial Electronics GmbH, you are ideally prepared for the challenges of Industry 4.0.

With the Fast Ethernet switches from the manufacturer TERZ in the Industrial communication technology category, you receive outstanding product quality for a variety of industrial applications. You have the choice between ultra-slim IP30-switches from the series NITE-RS and the flat IP30-switches from the series NITE-RF.

With the powerful Unmanaged Ethernet Switches from TERZ, you can ensure flexible networking between your machines: save time and money and contribute to the longevity of your business processes. Available for the best price at Automation24 today!