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M.D. Micro Detectors

M.D. Micro Detectors Are you looking for quality sensing technology at the best prices? We have just the solution for you with position sensors from M.D. Micro Detectors!

MD Micro Detectors: The world's leading manufacturer of industrial sensors

MD Micro Detectors SpA was born in Modena in 1971 thanks to the vision of a teacher at a technological secondary school. They pursued the goal of replacing the mechanical sensors then used in the Italian ceramics industry with innovative optoelectronic sensors. Since then, the company has continued to develop and is now known for the first cylindrical optosensor in the M18 format, which is now considered the international standard.

Thanks to many years of experience, MD Micro Detectors is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sensors. In addition to its safety products, area and proximity sensors, the company is known worldwide for its tried-and-tested light barriers/photoelectric sensors.

Why are MD Micro Detectors products a good choice?

Purchasing MD Micro Detectors sensors is a smart decision, given their years of experience in the field of industrial sensors. In addition, their products offer the following features:

  • Constant quality control and optimization thanks to "lean manufacturing"
  • Durable and robust for use in harsh conditions
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • CE, ATEX, cULus, Diversey, TÜV and ECOLAB compliant

Which MD Micro Detectors products are available at Automation24?

In the position sensors category, you can purchase high-quality inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, light barriers/light sensors and a sensor tester from the experienced manufacturer MD Micro Detectors at Automation24 at the best prices.

The inductive sensors are available in different sizes including M8, M12 and M18 with flush and non-flush threads. They have switching distances of up to 12 mm and switching frequencies of up to 5000 Hz. The sensors come with protection class IP67 are suitable for all basic applications with low stress.

The capacitive sensors are available in cube or cylindrical sizes M18 and M30 with flush and non-flush threads. They can be programmed as NO and NC contacts. The sensors with protection class IP67 or IP67/IP68/IP69K are ideal for detecting metals as well as a large number of plastics, glass, ceramics, different types of wood and paper.

In the photoelectric sensors category, you will mainly find optosensors with infrared light for ranges of up to 20 m. In addition to a one-way light barrier transmitter with a matching receiver, you will find a reflection light barrier and a photoelectric sensor with protection class IP67. The plastic sensors are ideally suited for conveying and handling technology and represent a practical alternative to the optosensors made of stainless steel.

If you want to check the output signal of your binary sensors , then you should take a closer look at the sensor tester available from MD Micro Detectors.

Discover the right high-performance sensor for object detection at Automation24 today! Take advantage of high-quality products at the best prices in stock here!