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Process displays / Counters

Reliable process displays and counters

Sensors and meters are invaluable tools when monitoring process and energy values in your facility. Sometimes their values get sent directly to a controller for evaluation, but in many circumstances, values need to be displayed locally so that the operator can make decisions based on current conditions. Process displays will accept both analog and digital signals from sensors, while counters will count digital instances, and translate the signals into usable values for your machine operator.

There are several applications for process displays / counters:

  • Pressure monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Batch size counting


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At Automation24, we offer process displays and counters at excellent prices available online from Selec. Choose the right display for your application, like process Indicator with TC / RTD / Analog Input Selec PIC152N-A-CU, with available alarm outputs. If energy metering is your goal, look no further than digital multifunction meter Selec MFM384-C-CU-G, with both phase and energy monitoring. For simple counting applications, the programmable / preset Counter Selec XTC5400-CU is perfect for a variety of applications.

At Automation24, we offer process displays at excellent prices. Select the perfect display for your application today!