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Workstation lighting

Reliable workstation lighting

Lighting at the workstation can directly affect the workers ability to ensure product quality, as well as achieve proper safety in the work environment. Harsh or inefficient lighting can literally change the way we see our work. Providing quality workstation lighting can ensure that no detail is left in the dark, as well as improve the aesthetic of the workplace.

Applications for workstation lighting:

  • Inspection workstations
  • Test stations
  • System workstations


Workstation lighting online from Automation24

At Automation24 we offer workstation lighting at excellent prices available online from LED2WORK. Choose the ideal light for your application today. Like system light LED2WORK 110914-11 - UNILED SL 15 W with daylight white illumination and convenient surface mount, quick disconnect installation. Create the optimum workstation with clean and efficient workstation lighting systems.

At Automation24, we offer workstation lighting at excellent prices. Select the perfect light for your application today!