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Terminal blocks

Operating principles of terminal blocks

Terminal blocks may very well be the most versatile wiring solution available. Combine circuits and organize electrical panels in any configuration you might desire. A virtually infinite combination of solutions is at the user’s disposal. Color code and label your circuits, route power and signals, and ensure safe and secure wire terminations. Choose the correct part for your needs, whether it be by wire size, color, or number of connections.

Different types of terminal blocks available:

  • Both screw and push-in type terminals
  • Distribution and feed-through blocks
  • Fuse blocks
  • Grounding terminals


Terminal blocks online from Automation24

At Automation24 we offer a huge selection of terminal blocks at excellent prices available online from Weidmüller. Choose the perfect terminal block for your application today. Like terminal block Weidmüller WDK 10 - 1186740000 with a 4 screw terminal connection, and 64 A current rating. For fast and easy installation, take a look at terminal block Weidmüller A2C 1.5 - 1552790000 with 2 convenient push-in terminal connections.

At Automation24, we offer terminal blocks at excellent prices. Select the perfect terminal for your application today!