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Switches & signaling devices

Switches and signaling units for easy operation

Switches and signaling devices are used for multiple purposes in the industry, for example, to initiate certain commands, to signal status acoustically or optically as well as to draw attention to them. The range of such devices covers, for example, acoustic signal indicators, indicator lights, pushbuttons and emergency stop buttons. These emergency stop buttons ensure a complete stop to applications in dangerous situations by pressing just one button.

Use in all industrial sectors

It is, of course, important in almost any industry to transfer commands exactly and to detect changed production conditions, such as increased machine speed. Below you will find some examples of industries where control circuit devices and signalling units play an important role:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food processing and technology
  • Ship building

Switches and signaling devices are indispensable in industrial automation. So that a process can be completely automated these days, qualified personnel must always be entrusted with the care and maintenance of the processes in the application.


Switches and signaling devices for every application

Automation24 carries a wide variety of items in the category of switches and signaling devices. Renowned brands such as Siemens and LED2WORK stand for reliable quality and safe operation.

It is especially important that the switches and signaling units are designed to suit the application. On and off switches that are installed in dark machine areas should ideally be Illuminated pushbuttons. For environments where an acoustic signal tone is the best choice to draw the attention to changes, an acoustic signal indicator is well suited, such as the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU12006KB101AA0. If control circuit devices and signaling units are to be installed directly in the field, a Surface mounting enclosure is the right choice, such as the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU18020AA000AB1 which has two mounting locations for LED modules, Contact modules and other warning devices/switches. You can then install, for example, an Emergency stop/off push-button, such as the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU18010NB002AC2. It is supplied with the required contacts to ensure easy installation.

In the category Switches and Signaling devices, Automation24 also provides Pushbuttons such as the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU10300AB400AC0, Multiple pushbuttons such as the Twin push-button Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU10303BB420AA0, Mushroom-headed pushbuttons such as the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU10501AD200AA0 and Palm switches as for example the Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU18012GA002AA1. With key operated switches you can prevent unauthorized persons from operating your machinery and equipment. For manual control of processes, Coordinate switches / Potentiometers and Selector switches are suitable. Visual attention to new process conditions is provided for with Status lights. For better orientation of switch and control panels, a wide range of Labels help to provide identification. Furthermore, you will find in this category Front elements for connecting a USB or RJ45 interface in a cabinet as well as extensive Accessories for switches and signalling devices.

At Automation24 you find a large selection of switches and signaling units at excellent prices. Select the perfect switches and signaling units for your application today!