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How switches can help

While processes are automated as much as possible, machines still need inputs to start and stop processes, and make decisions. Switches accomplish exactly that. When installed, switches allow machine operators to control necessary processes and actions on machines with an easy and accessible mechanism. Switches are designed in a variety of styles to accomplish any number of tasks.

Automation24 offers a wide variety of switches:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Key operated switches
  • Selector switches
  • Emergency stops
  • Potentiometers
  • and more!


Order switches online from Automation24

At Automation24, we have a huge and diverse offering of switches at excellent prices available online from Siemens. Choose the right switch for your application, like black pushbutton Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU10500AA100AA0, with maintained action, and shiny metal collar. For a start/stop application take a look at green/red pushbutton Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU10503BB420AK0 with “I/O” inscription and available illuminated condition feedback, or stay safe with emergency stop complete unit Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU18010NB002AC2 with included pushbutton, contact modules, and surface mounted enclosure.

At Automation24, we offer switches at excellent prices. Select the perfect switch for your application today!