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  • Surge protector for instrumentation and control
  • 24 V AC
  • 34 V DC
  • 450 mA
  • IEC 61643-21
  • Analog signal/current loop (CL) protection
  • Signals from current loops (analog measurements of sensors over long distances) 4 – 20 mA
  • 0 – 20 mA etc.)
  • Level indication signals from voltage sensors (analog measurements of sensors over short distances) 0 – 10 V
  • PT 100 temperature measurement
  • Protection rating: IP20
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Surge protector Weidmüller VSPC 1CL 24VAC - 8924500000

2 year warranty Money back guaranty
Item number: 402676
UPC / EAN: 4032248696130
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Base element Weidmüller VSPC BASE 1CL - 8924730000
Base element for the pluggable VSPC arrester, integrated PE foot in impedance-neutral VSPC BASE, Can safely discharge up to 20 kA (8/20 µs) and 2.5 kA (10/350 µs) to the PE, Approved for mounting in SIL safety circuits, UL & CSA approved
Item number: 402001
-15 % MSRP: $33.10
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Technical details
General data

Surge protection device

Electrical data

24 V AC/DC
450 mA
24 V AC/DC
2.5 kA
10 kA

Mechanical data

90 x 17.8 x 69 mm
Plug contact

Ambient conditions

-40 °C
70 °C

Further information




Product description
Surge protector Weidmüller VSPC 1CL 24VAC - 8924500000
The VARITECTOR Surge protection plug in unit VSPC 1CL 24VAC-8924500000 from Weidmuller offers surge protection for control and instrumentation (C&I) applications. Long cable runs from the field to the controls need protecting on against electrical surges, caused by remote lightning strikes. These surges can distort signals and damage connected devices. Varitector plug in unitVSPC 1CL 24VAC-8924500000 allows users to ensure their controls and I/O devices are protected from lightning induced surges in cables. Use the VSPC BASE 1CL
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