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Speed sensors

Compact speed monitor, M18 x 1, Sensing range: 12 mm [nf], Non-flush mountable, NO/NC programmable, DC PNP, Setting range: 3-6,000 [pulses/min], M12 connector
Item number: 102016
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Compact speed monitor, M30 x 1.5, Sensing range: 10 mm [f], Flush mountable, Normally open, AC/DC, Setting range: 5-3,600 [pulses/min], 2 m PVC cable
Item number: 103541
-10 % MSRP: $217.50
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Operating principle of speed sensors

Many motion applications in the industrial automation field are based on a rotating shaft or drive. When this is the case, there are many ways to track the speed of your application. One of the most common is over/under speed monitoring. A sensor counts the rotations of a driveshaft and delivers the signal to your controls system where it can be converted into a speed.

There are numerous applications for speed sensors:

  • Conveyor shutdown
  • Motor speed feedback
  • Motor synchronization
  • RPM monitoring


Order speed sensors online from Automation24

At Automation24, we offer speed sensors at low prices available online from ifm efector. The offered range of speed sensors includes a selection of units suiting a wide range of applications, like compact speed monitor ifm efector DI0101 - DIA2010-ZROA/5-3600 I/MIN, with 20-250 V AC/DC operating voltage and 5-3,600 pulses/min setting range. If for some reason one of the units in this category doesn’t suit your application, many standard inductive sensors can be used in conjunction with a cabinet mounted speed monitor. In addition, Automation24 also offers incremental encoders with speed monitoring capabilities, like the incremental encoder ifm efector RVP510, capable of monitoring speeds up to 9999 RPM!

At Automation24, we offer speed sensors at excellent prices. Select the perfect sensor for your application today!