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SIKA Logo At Automation24 you can find a variety of flow instruments from Sika. Discover solutions to ensure the safest environment for your applications and systems today!

SIKA: Flow measurement made easy

For over 45 years, SIKA has developed and manufactured flow measurement sensing technology. They pride themselves in covering all the flow measuring principles with the variety of technology available: from mechanical to vortex, they have the flow sensor solution needed for any application.

Which industries can benefit from SIKA flow measurement technology?

SIKA offers a wide variety of flow technology to provide solutions for numerous applications including:

  • Boiler feed water, cooling water, and solvents
  • Potable water
  • HVAC

All the right SIKA products avaialble at Automation24

Automation24 offers a tailored selection of flow technology from SIKA. For example, if you are looking for a solution to measure the flow rate of water and aqueous solutions, take a look at vortex flow meter VVXBBEG2RRRP151E. This flow sensor has a 1" NPT process connection and a measuring range of 2-40 GPM.

If you are looking for a sensor solution to measure the flow rate of potable water, you will certainly want to check out the turbine flow meter VY1030MKHNX1N3. This meter offers one frequency flow output with 1874 pulses per gallon and has a measuring range of 0.26-7.9 GPM.

Find SIKA flow solutions here at Automation24. Our cutomer support team and technical support engineers are standing by if you have any questions, need technical or application support, or require additional information on SIKA products.

Don't see the product you are looking for? Please let us know! We will do our best to provide a solution for all of you automation supply needs!