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Totally Integrated Automation from Siemens

Complete solutions to streamline your process

Find out how the TIA engineering framework from Siemens is essential for automation technology!

Siemens TIA Portal

Introducing the TIA engineering framework

Always in Control

Communication is key

What industries can utilize the TIA Portal?

How does the TIA Portal compare to other platforms?

Streamlined commissioning

TIA compatible products

Featured Videos

More information

Introducing the TIA engineering framework

We at Automation24 recognize the value that digital solutions bring to the automation industry. As a result, we are excited to provide truly groundbreaking solutions from Siemens that can only be described as Totally Integrated Automation. Finally, manage your entire network of automation devices on one centralized platform. Whether it be device commissioning, program design, network structure, machine diagnostics, energy conservation, or productivity analysis, the TIA Portal gives you the ability to efficiently automate and streamline your operations.

Additionally, you can easily collaborate with your organization through Multi-user Engineering. Share projects and data with your entire team and customize access to allow only appropriate personnel access to critical functions. The decreased commissioning time experienced by having all devices and team members working together on one platform is invaluable.

TIA engineering framework in action

TIA Engineering framework in action

Monitor, analyze, and optimize with TIA

Monitor, analyze, and optimize with TIA

The TIA Portal not only simplifies your current automation processes, but it opens up a whole new world of opportunities:

  • Decrease commissioning time with customizable libraries
  • Manage your operations from anywhere in the world with cloud interface communication
  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize energy consumption with the SIMATIC energy suite
  • Easily integrate existing PROFINET enabled devices
  • Improve plant communication and security with OPC UA protocol
  • Increase transparency with Multiuser Engineering capabilities
  • Achieve scalability with program portability throughout the TIA product range
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with integrated “no-program” diagnostics

Always in control: access data and control processes from anywhere!

With the TIA Portal you can easily access and control devices, as well as obtain critical diagnostic and performance data from your operation no matter where you are. The portal allows you to create a customizable interface for you and your organization to manage your operations in the way that benefits you the most. Instead of conforming to your automation platform, make your automation platform conform to YOUR operation! Never before have users had such comprehensive control of their operations at their fingertips from anywhere in the world, day or night.

By utilizing the tools integrated into the TIA Portal, users can design and implement an interface that is completely tailored to you or your customer’s needs. Access and control devices across your entire automation platform directly from your computer or mobile device.

The following devices can communicate seamlessly via the TIA Portal:

Additionally, the TIA Portal User Management Component allows you to provide a higher level of security by granting varied levels of access to authorized personnel, eliminating the risk of dangerous equipment tampering. No matter what your needs, the TIA Portal has you covered.

Communication is key

Machine builders know that communication is a pillar of automation. Device communication is integral to the success of any machine or automation system, but can also be one of the most difficult aspects of commissioning. Many components use different communication protocols, and communications need to be translated between devices either with further hardware, software, coding, function blocks, or all of the above. The TIA Portal helps alleviate this burden by providing a space where all components on the TIA platform can be integrated and communicate with one another via PROFINET and Ethernet based communications. In addition to the cost savings provided by decreased commissioning time, this seamless communication allows the user to manage all of their data from one repository, eliminating the need to extract data from multiple sources.

The TIA Portal isn’t just helping devices efficiently communicate, it’s helping find better ways to share ideas and implement solutions thanks to the OPC UA (Open protocol communication – Unified architecture). With integrated security mechanisms and encryption combined with industrial Ethernet based communication, OPC UA merges the necessary cyber security you need to safely operate. The benefits of vertical communication and open device communication simplify your infrastructure. Whether it be integrated diagnostics reporting, productivity data, or machine conditioning, OPC UA communication allows you to securely access all of your data when and where you need it.

Seamless communication and secure access to data

Seamless communication and secure access to data

What industries can utilize the TIA Portal?

Siemens TIA Portal is an ideal solution for numerous industries and applications. Below are a few examples:



  • Decreased downtime with predictive diagnostics
  • Real-time productivity analysis
  • Seamless integration of multiple assembly line processes
Food and beverage

Food and beverage

  • Control and Monitor CIP and SIP processes via the web server
  • Monitor critical temperature values from all devices on one platform
  • Decrease transition time on machinery used for multiple recipes
Machine building

Machine building

  • Easily modify existing designs to fit new applications
  • Provide added value to customers with web server functionality
  • Save time and money with drag and drop functionality


  • Real-time mobile alerts for failure or condition changes
  • Customized applications to easily control batches on equipment
  • Intelligent control to sort products in processes with variable outcomes

How does the TIA Portal compare to other platforms?

The TIA Portal from Siemens provides several advantages when compared to other platforms, making it the perfect solution for Totally Integrated Automation!

TIA Portal Other platforms
Configuration All devices within one Multiple platforms required
Programming language Integrate multiple PLCs and HMIs No standard across devices
Multi-device projects Universally available Select devices
Scalability Basic to Advanced to Complex Limited
Support Free basic technical support Subscription-based service contract
Multi-user projects Universal Select devices
Diagnostics Automatically generated Manual programming
Energy management Integrated across entire platform Select devices
User Experience Consistent across devices No standards applied

Streamlined commissioning

TIA Platform with customizable design

TIA Platform with customizable design

Siemens understands that device implementation and identification on other platforms can be cumbersome. Whether your project is in the planning, design, or implementation stage, replacing a single component, or designing an entirely new system, the TIA Portal can improve engineering efficiency and lower design costs by up to 30%. Benefit not only from advanced communication tools, but from a platform interface that is designed with the sole purposes of maximizing efficiency and decreasing commissioning time.

Ways the TIA Portal reduces commissioning time:

  • Customizable libraries
  • Integrated “no-programming” diagnostics
  • Multi-controller projects
  • Multi-user engineering
  • Pictorial device views
  • Drag-and-Drop functionality
  • Online editing

TIA compatible products

In the Automation24 portfolio you will find a selection of high-quality products from Siemens that are TIA compatible:


Flexible and modular automation solutions for complex control tasks with integrated PROFINET interface for programming, HMI connection and communication with other devices.

SIMATIC HMI Basic panels SIMATIC HMI Basic panels

Comprehensive monitoring and user-friendly controlling of installations and machinery with touch or key operation.

SCALANCE Ethernet switches SCALANCE ethernet switches

Fast and reliable Ethernet communication with embedded PROFINET communication capabilities available with transfer rates up to 1 Gbit/S.


Versatile drives for basic applications with integrated energy-saving functions to reliably control the speed of your motor and maintain safe levels of current passing through.

SIRIUS ACT PROFINET modules SIRIUS ACT profinet switches

Decrease wiring costs and commissioning times and increase functionality simultaneously with intelligent command and LED modules.

LOGO! Logic modules  LOGO! Logic modules

Micro PLC for smaller automation tasks with either a USB or Ethernet interface for programming and data transmission.

WinCC Basic programming software WinCC Basic programming software

Engineering software to configure your SIMATIC basic panels in TIA Portal.

STEP 7 programming software STEP 7 programming software

Engineering software to configure your SIMATIC S7-1200 controller or SIMATIC basic panels in TIA Portal.

Featured videos

Check out these Tips and Tricks from Mister Automation and learn all about effective drive programming via the TIA Portal and status-related energetic analysis of machines for efficient energy management.

Graphical drive programming with SINAMICS DCC in TIA Portal

S7 Energy Efficiency-Monitor

More information

Looking for more information on the TIA engineering framework? Click below to download a detailed guide on the TIA Portal and industry answers.

Download TIA Portal Guide

With the Siemens TIA Portal you can finally manage your entire network of automation devices reliably and efficiently on one centralized platform!

Discover the benefits today!

Need some help with product selection? Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!