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Schmersal Logo At Automation24 you can find a large selection of safety technology from Schmersal. Discover solutions to ensure the safest environment for your applications and systems today!

Schmersal: the DNA of safety

In 1945, brothers Kurt Andreas and Ernst Schmersal founded a small company that began manufacturing products used in the lift industry and quickly advanced to the production of mechanical switching devices in 1947. The product portfolio continues to expand with a focus on products that can be used in hazardous areas. Over the years, Schmersal earns many firsts including the development of the first contactless magnetic switch and the developemnt of the first electronic proximity switch.

Schmersal is a family owned and operated company that operates based on the admirable corporate philosophy it was founded on: to be the leading system and solution provider in the safety relm, provide the market with safe, reliable and innovative solutions, continuously improve processes, and maintain strong family values. They place a great deal of effort on social responsibility, environmental protection and comply with the principles of sustainable business.

Which industries can benefit from Schmersal safety products?

Schmersal is one of the foremost manufacturers of safety automation solutions. Their products can be utilized in any environment that are considered hazardous or require specific safety requirements. Some primary industries where safety products are a must include:

  • Packaging
  • Metal forming
  • Cutting and milling

If a safe work environment in the automation industry is necessary, Schmersal has the solution.

Large selection of Schmersal products avaialble at Automation24

Automation24 offers a diverse portfolio where you can find safety products from Schmersal. One of the most prominent of these products is the SLC440COM-ER-0650-14-103003899 safety light curtain. As a part of the SLC series, this light curtain provides an extremely reliable SIL 3 protection level, along with a control level 4 rating according to EN13849-1. The mounting brackets are included with this product, making installation of the light curtain very simple and time effective.

For more control over safety monitoring, the SRB-E-212ST – 103007222 safety relay from Schmersal provides a safe 1 digital fail-safe output, and 2 safety relay outputs. This is a top selection by many companies because it can be integrated into a variety of functions. This includes safety sensor, e-stop, light curtain, and two-handed control applications among many others. Safety products from Schmersal are built to put you at ease knowing that your safety applications are in good hands.

Find Schmersal safety technology here at Automation24. Our customer support team and technical support engineers are standing by if you have any questions, need technical or application support, or require additional information on Schmersal products.

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