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  • Overload relay for motor protection
  • 0.14-0.2 A
  • Size: S00
  • CLASS 10
  • Screw connection
  • Auxiliary contacts 1 x NC/NO
  • Manual/automatic reset
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Overload relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RU21160BB0

2 year warranty Money back guaranty
Item number: 101325
UPC / EAN: 662643921298
MSRP: $122.50
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Technical details
General data

Thermal overload relay
1 x NO+1 x NC

Electrical data

0.2 A
0.14-0.2 A
6 kV

Mechanical data

45 mm
76 mm
70 mm
Screw terminals

Ambient conditions

-40 °C
70 °C

Further information


Product description
Overload relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RU21160BB0
The thermal overload relay 3RU21160BB0 from Siemens is used for current-dependent overload protection in the main circuit. Thanks to its setting range of 0.14-0.2 A, the SIRIUS overload relay 3RU21160BB0 provides optimum protection for motors and systems up to 0.06 kW. One normally closed and one normally open contact are available as auxiliary contacts. Due to its size S00 and a convenient screw connection, the thermal overload relay 3RU21160BB0 can be perfectly integrated into the load feeder. Monitoring relays are used in all areas of electrical switchgear technology.
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