Multifunction timer relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RP25051BW30

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Item number: 403463
UPC / EAN: 887621914813
  • Multifunction timer relay
  • 27 time functions
  • 7 time ranges
  • 12-240 V AC/DC Supply Voltage
  • 1 changeover contact
  • Contact rating: 3 A
  • Potentiometer Adjustment
  • DIN rail mounting
  • IP20 protection
  • Screw-type terminals
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Technical details
General data

Multifunctional relay
See Datasheet
0.05-1 s, 0.5-10 s, 5-100 s, 0.5-10 m, 0.05-1 h, 0.5-10 h, 5-100 h
2 x Changeover contact

Electrical data

12-240 V AC/DC
3 A

Mechanical data

17.5 mm
100 mm
90 mm
DIN rail
Screw terminals

Ambient conditions

-25 °C
60 °C

Further information


Product description
Multifunction timer relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RP25051BW30
Multifunction timer relay SIRIUS 3RP25051BW30 from Siemens offers 27 time functions in 7 time ranges. SIRIUS 3RP25051BW30 is designed for convenience with DIN rail mounting and can be connected quickly amd securely with screw terminals. Extensive time functions and ranges can be set by using potentiometers on the front of the timer. Multifunction timer 3RP25051BW30 offers a solution for a variety of applications with it's wide range of functions, including ON Delay, OFF delay, Symmetrical flashing, passing break contact, ON/OFF delay with control signal, Interval relay, Passing make contact, Retriggerable interval relay, among many others.
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