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  • Motor starter
  • Reversing starter
  • 500 V
  • Tripping current: 1.6-7 A
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC
  • Screw connection
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Motor starter Siemens SIRIUS 3RM12071AA04

2 year warranty Money back guaranty
Item number: 101378
UPC / EAN: 887621168094
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Technical details
General data

Motor starter
Reversing starter
1 x Changeover contact
1 x NO (electronic)

Electrical data

500 V
7 A
1.6-7.0 A
24 V DC
6 kV

Mechanical data

22.5 mm
100 mm
141.6 mm
Screw terminals

Ambient conditions

-25 °C
60 °C

Further information


Product description
Motor starter Siemens SIRIUS 3RM12071AA04
The SIRIUS motor starter 3RM12071AA04 from Siemens is distinguished by its narrow width of 22.5 mm, significantly reducing the required space in the control cabinet. This makes the reversing starter 3RM12071AA04 ideal for systems with many small motors up to 3 kW. With a wide setting range of 1.6-7 A and a control voltage of 24 V DC the motor starter 3RM12071AA04 is ideally suited as a reversing starter for small drives.
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