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Madison Sensing Solutions

Madison Sensing Solutions Are you looking for accurate and reliable float level solutions for your application? We’ve got you covered with single and multi-point float level sensors from Madison Sensing Solutions!

Madison: Leading the way for liquid level technology

Founded in 1959 in Madison, CT, Madison Sensing Solutions began manufacturing a variety of products including reed switches, floats and liquid level switches. In order to meet the needs of the marketplace, eventually Madison decided to focus on the manufacturing of liquid level switches and sensors. Seeing continuous and consistant growth over the years, Madison Company has continued to implement a variety of design features based on the needs of their customers to solve numerous applications. For example, they incorporated temperature sensors into their level switches to allow combination sensing. This resulted in cost savings for the customers and simpler solutions for the applications. They are continuing to develop their line and expand with temperature sensing technology and ultrasonic, radar, and optical sensor lines.

Float sensors for numerous applications

Float level switches provide accurate measurement of volume in a container and can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • High-low level alarm triggers
  • Overflow/spill prevention
  • Pump control
  • Measurement of liquid layers
  • Flow rate management

Madison Sensing Solutions available at Automation24

We are now proudly offering you a variety of single and multi-point float level switches for high/low level applications from Madison Sensing Solutions. Their continuous float level sensors offer high-resolution continuous measurement with 4-20 mA outputs. Plastic/Teflon based housings and leads are available for aggressive media. Need something stronger for your food and beverage application? We've got you covered with their 316 stainless-steel housing line. They also offer a wide variety of probe lengths and mounting styles to suite any application.

At Automation24 you can now find both continuous and point level float sensors from Madison Sensing Solutions. Take a look at adjustable float switch M5602-7808-4 which provides reliable single point detection of tank level via mechanical float switch actuation. The adjustable point switch makes it easilly adaptable and its stainless steel body with teflon leads provide compatibility to a wide range of aggressive media. If you are looking for continuous detection, check out float switch C4651-12802.This switch provides a high resolution 4-20 mA signal with a 16 in. sensing range.

Find the float level solution for your application at Automation24. Questions? Contact us via the contact form on our website, chat or by telephone. Find Madison Sensing Solutions products at Automation24 at the best prices.