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Machine lighting

Machine lights with modern LED technology from LED2WORK

LED2WORK GmbH offers innovative LED lights in Kelvin values of 4,000-5,500. Whether for use in machines and equipment, workbenches, test stations, whether there is sufficient or lack of space - LED2WORK offers the appropriate LED lights for every requirement.

Machine lights from LED2WORK: high quality, reliable, economical - simply the best

The innovative LED machine lights from LED2WORK offer the following advantages over conventional lamps:

  • Variable size and flexible forms possible
  • Energy-saving with high lumen output
  • Excellent color rendering (Ra > 80)
  • Available in very high protection ratings up to IP68
  • Heat-, shock-, and vibration-resistant
  • Maintenance-free and long lasting
  • Environmentally and health friendly

With LEDs from LED2WORK, electricity savings of up to 60% are possible, without sacrifice with respect to brightness or light quality, besides LED lamps being virtually maintenance-free. These also come with the additional benefits of a long life of up to 60,000 hours and resistance against coolants, oil, and chip bombardment.

LEDs carry the further advantage of safe, environmentally- and health-conscious handling. Due to the heat dissipation toward the rear of the housing unit, there is no risk of burns, nor are there other expected health risks such as infrared or ultraviolet radiation.


LED2WORK machine lights at Automation24

The innovative machine lights from LED2WORK in the category of industrial lighting are now available in the range of Automation24.

You can find surface mount lights for different industrial production environments. While the space-saving LEANLEDs such as the LED2WORK 110814-11 - LEANLED 7W are used in machinery and equipment areas without major hazards, the mobile MIDILEDs such as LED2WORK 110614-01 - MIDILED 10W are found in harsher industrial areas with limited space applications. The extremely robust TUBELEDs - such as LED2WORK 111510-01 - TUBELED 40 12W - with their shock-resistant borosilicate glass and oil-resistant seal, excel in particularly hazardous and demanding production conditions. For the status display of machines, the signal lights such as the LED2WORK 110890-11 - SIGNALED 8W provide the right solution, controllable via the PLC controls of the machine.

Provide for the perfect lighting in your machines with innovative LED lights from LED2WORK. Since we have all of these products at top prices in stock, delivery is fast and easy. See for yourself!