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Machine condition monitoring solutions

Monitoring the condition of your machines is a critical part of every industry to help production run smoothly and efficiently. The following products are ideal to ensure your components are functioning properly and unnecessary downtime is avoidable.

Machine condition monitoring solutions

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Vibration sensors Vibration sensors

Vibration sensors for the detection of increased acceleration in vibration.

Temperature sensors Temperature sensors sensors

Temperature sensors for fast response time and monitoring of process temperatures.

Temperature transmitters Temperature transmitters

Temperature transmitters for accurate temperature measurement with minimal conversion loss.

Pressure sensors Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors to provide accurate pressure detection in a variety of environments.

Volumetric flow meters Volumetric flow meters

Volumetric flow meters with high accuracy and repeatability for consumption measurement.

Resistance thermometers - RTDs Resistance thermometers - RTDs

RTD probes from ifm for precise measurement with reliable repeatability.

Compressed air meters Compressed air meters

Compressed air meters to optimize air and gas usage and detect leakage.

Speed monitoring Speed monitoring

Speed sensors and monitors to detect when speed limits are reached or exceeded.

Encoders Encoders

Encoders to detect speed, position, length, angles and conveyor travel for evaluation.


SIMATIC S7 1200 with PROFINET interface for complex control tasks.

LOGO! Logic modules LOGO! Logic modules

LOGO! Logic modules for the automation of control processes suited for smaller automation projects.

HMI operating panels HMI operating panels

HMI operating panels for comprehensive monitoring and user-friendly control of machinery.

Signal conditioning Signal conditioning

Signal conditioning solutions to convert and isolate current signals for your input devices.

Sensor / actuator wiring Sensor / actuator wiring

Sensor / actuator witing for easy commissioning and/or repositioning of instrumentation on your machine.

Machine condition monitoring: saving time and money

Avoid unnecessary downtime

Condition monitoring systems are necessary to collect operational data from critical components. This allows you to become aware of potential problems as they arise before they cause harm to your machinery. By implementing a monitoring system you can:

  • Remain informed about the conditions of your machines
  • Identify potential issues before it's too late
  • Avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Achieve lights out manufacturing

A variety of components are necessary to develop a successful machine condition monitoring application.

Fundamental components available at Automation24

Increased vibration is typically an early warning sign of machine failure. Vibration sensors from ifm efector are ideal for detecting potential pneumatic or hydraulic system failure by recognizing increased acceleration in vibration. The data received can then be converted into an analog signal to be monitored or into an alarm. Temperature is also an early indicator of potential issues. Temperature sensors are necessary when monitoring machines that run continuously at a constant temperature rate. Minor fluctuations in temperature could reveal an approaching failure.

In order to properly monitor the results gathered from the sensor systems, a reliable plc is a must. The SIMATIC S7 1200 line from Siemens offer an efficient and very precise solution with the PROFINET IO-Controller for complex control tasks. The LOGO! Logic modules, which are ideal for smaller automation tasks, provide constant access to various areas of your application. The integral web server applications allow wireless monitoring and control via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The integrated Ethernet interface allows you to connect to the SIMATIC HMI basic panels. HMI operating panels provide a visual representation of current conditions, outputs and overall machine health. They are available in a variety of sizes and for numerous environments. Integrated software functions, such as alarm logging, make them ideal for monitoring the condition of your machines. Your application is not complete without a reliable passive I/O block for multiple inputs. For example, the M12 wiring blocks available from Murrelektronik are equipped with both power and status indicators allowing for easy monitoring of your machine's condition.

Safely and reliably monitor the condition of your machines with all of this and more available at Automation24! Need help selecting a part? Feel free to contact us! Click here for full contact info.