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LS ELECTRICAt Automation24 you will find a large selection of industrial control and circuit protection devices from LS ELECTRIC! These quality products provide reliable and low-cost solutions for a variety of applications.

LS ELECTRIC: a global leader in automation

Formerly known as LSIS, LS ELECTRIC has been committed to developing industry leading solutions since 1974. With 8 manufacturing facilities and 3,500 employees, they have established and continue to increase their global presence. LS ELECTRIC America is primarily focused on variable frequency drives and electrical power components including contactors, relays, motor starters, etc.

What industries would LS ELECTRIC provide solutions for?

The products available at Automation24 are ideally suited for the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Process industry
  • Power generation
  • Industrial automation

LS ELECTRIC quality products at Automation24

At Automation24 we offer you a variety of circuit protection solutions from LS ELECTRIC. For example, the miniature circuit breaker BK63HU 1P B30A 10kA 120-240VAC UL489 - 0626049163 provides reliable circuit protection for multiple devices per UL489 guidelines featuring one pole, B trip curve, and operates with 140/240 V AC operating voltages with a 30 A current rating. It also provides an impressive short circuit current rating of 10 kA. Manual motor starters are also available such as the manual motor starter MMS-32H 0.63A XP - 0705000400. This is a compact, current-limiting manual motor starter for load feeders with a short-circuit protection of 8 A and an adjustable overload protection of 0.4-0.63 A.

We also offer a variety of industrial control solutions from LS ELECTRIC. Main contactors are available such as the MC9B-30-11-K7-S-E - 1344000500 which is offered for load switching up to 5 HP at AC-3/480 V. The main contactor used in conjunction with a MT-32 overload relay, such as the MT-32 0.14A 3K SCREW EXP - 1298000100,forms a reliable motor starting combination.

Find the industrial control or circuit protection device you need for your application at Automation24. Questions? Contact us via the contact form on our website, chat or by telephone. Find LS ELECTRIC products at Automation24 at the best prices.