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LOGO! Logic series 8.3

Introducing the LOGO! series 8.3 featuring direct cloud connectivity from Siemens! With the new software and compatible components you can create and maintain projects and access data anytime from anywhere. Check out the LOGO! Logic series 8.3 devices available at Automation24 below!

LOGO! Logic 8.3

Access to your automation projects anytime, anywhere!

Cloud connectivity for easy and convenient access

The new LOGO! Logic series 8.3 features direct cloud connectivity allowing you to design and access your projects from any tablet, PC or smartphone. Individual visualization is enabled and there are extensive options for quick and easy networking. The new 8.3 components are backwards compatible and offer secure data transfer in both directions. Thanks to cloud access, operations can be accessed and maintained without interruption! Additional features include:

  • Cloud connection to AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Enhanced security
  • Backwards compatible with previous programs and hardware
  • Multiple interfacing options

LOGO! 8.3 Available at Automation24

At Automation24 you can find a variety of series 8.3 components from Siemens and the necessary software as well. Take a look at Logic module 12/24 RCE-6ED10521MD080BA1. This Logic module with display offers 8 DI, 4 of which can be used as AI, and 4 DO Relay. It is modularly expandable and has a color-changeable display. With an IP20 protection rating and up to 400 blocks that can be processed, it is the ideal solution for machine controls in industrial and manufacturing processes or building technology.

No display needed? We've got you covered! Check out Logic module 24 RCEO-6ED10522HB080BA1. This Logic module without display also offers 8 DI and 4 DO Relay. The micro PLC is programmable via Ethernet interface and can communicate with other modules of the LOGO! series and SIMATIC S7 devices.