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Lascar Electronics

Lascar Electronics Logo Are you looking for innovative data loggers and process displays from an experienced manufacturer? Then the high-quality and easy-to-use products from Lascar Electronics are the ideal solution for your application!

Who is Lascar Electronics?

Lascar Electronics was founded in 1977 in a garage in Essex, South East England. At that time, the British manufacturer concentrated exclusively on the production of a small selection of digital switching displays including suitable switching power supplies. Within three years, the company expanded to Whiteparish, England to keep up with growing sales.

In 1994, Lascar Electronics expanded its range and introduced the EasyLog data logger, the world's first USB data logger.

However, the manufacturer not only focused on new products, but also used its many years of experience to perfect or expand the proven digital displays in its portfolio. This is how the PanelPilotACE series was created with which Lascar Electronics received the Electronic Product of the Year award in 2020. The series displays, as well as the accompanying PanelPilotAce design studio software, have revolutionized the display device market. For the first time, they enabled users to customize the user interface of their displays cost-effectively, easily and without any programming knowledge.

Given this success story, it is not surprising that Lascar Electronics is now known worldwide for its excellent and innovative test and measurement equipment.

Where are Lascar Electronics products used?

Lascar Electronics products are used for a wide variety of testing and measurement tasks in the following areas:

  • Process technology
  • Durable and robust for use in harsh conditions
  • Science of measuring and control engineering
  • Heating and air conditioning technology

In our portfolio you can find a wide range of data loggers suited for numerous applications. For example, the data loggers available can easily monitor the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in warehouses, monitor the storage temperature of vital vaccines in the medical sector or of precious cultural assets in museums.

Lascar Electronics Test and measurement devices in Stock at Automation24

At Automation24, you can choose from easy-to-use USB humidity, carbon monoxide, current loop and temperature data loggers, as well as USB meters, event and status data loggers. Among them is also a Wifi Cloud temperature data logger.

In addition, you can purchase 3.5" TFT color displays of the PanelPilot series for displaying current loops or voltages from the Process indicators category. With the free PanelPilot software, you can choose from an ever-increasing number of voltmeter configurations and individually adjust the splash screen, colors, labels, and input scaling. The PanelPilotACE 3.5", 4.3" and 7" TFT touch color displays are equipped with a variety of hardware interfaces and can be configured with the free PanelPilotACE design studio software easily via the drag-and-drop function.

Development kit sets such as the 7" TFT PanelPilotACE color touch display are also available with a development module and a USB cable. With this kit, you can quickly connect to all input and output functions of the display.

For both the EasyLog and the PanelPilot series, you can find compatible accessories in the Accessories category for process control / monitoring.

Find the solutions you need for your application at Automation24. Questions? Contact us via the contact form on our website, chat or by telephone. Find Lascar Electronics products at Automation24 at the best prices.