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IBOCO Logo Are you looking for high-quality wire ducts at the best prices? IBOCO offers just that! The organization and optimization of your enclosure has never been easier thanks to wire duct solutions from IBOCO!

IBOCO- Integrated panel management

For over 30 years, IBOCO has earned their reputation as a leader in integrated panel management solutions.

Founded in New Jersey, IBOCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hagergroup. IBOCO has used innovative technologies to create a wide range of products that allow for easy management and organization of any enclosure or panel.

What are the benefits of IBOCO wire duct?

Any application that requires an enclosure or control panel can benefit from the IBOCO advanced solutions. The panel management control systems provide a contained path for cable/wire routing between devices within the panel. An organized control panel ensures all wiring is neatly routed, which helps eliminate potential for wiring errors, and also shortens setup and troubleshooting time. Your benefits include:

  • Cover included- low hassle
  • Easy breakaway fingers
  • Flush/burr-free break
  • Tight fit for vertical mounting

Wire Ducts from IBOCO available at Automation24!

At Automation24, you will find a range of products from IBOCO at fair prices. For the optimal organization in your enclosure, shop the North American base (NAB) standard finger PVC wiring duct NAB-1010GHD. This product is manufactured with rigid self-extinguishing PVC plastic and is 2-meters in length with lid included. The lid is a flush cover that snaps securely over the fingers, ensuring a tight fit with minimal effort. Another feature of this wiring duct is the individual fingers with 2 predetermined break lines, which ensure a finger breakout on the upper score line and easy sidewall removal with hand tool on the lower score line.

Now is the time to take control of your panel or enclosure! Automation24 offers a variety of panel management solutions from IBOCO at fair prices. Our customer support team and technical support engineers are standing by if you have any questions, need technical or application support, or require additional information on IBOCO products.