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Shop features – At a glance Shop features at glance Shopping basket Your online ordering made easy: One stop. Smart shop.

At Automation24, you will find automation technology for the best price and from a single source. To make your ordering process as easy as possible, we rely not only on our customer service team, but also on smart features in our online shop to help you find the right product quickly and conveniently. The following is an overview of our helpful online shop features.

General smart features

Shop optimized for all Devices icon Shop optimized for all devices

The shop has been optimized for all devices from PC to tablet to smartphones. As a result, it gives you the most convenient shopping experience – whether in the office or on the road.

Automation24 optimized for all devices

Transparent prices

Transparent Prices icon Transparent prices

At Automation24 there are no complicated price and discount agreements. All prices are equally valid for each customer and appear without previous login, directly on the product page. This way, you can easily see your savings off of the manufacturer list price.

User-friendly Navigation iconUser-friendly navigation

Thanks to product icons for each category, the navigation is intuitive to use. You can open the menu items either by hovering your mouse over them, or by clicking directly on the categories to see the overview of the associated subcategories.

Automation24 user-friendly navigation

Practical manufacturer pages icon

Practical manufacturer pages Practical manufacturer pages

At the bottom of each shop page is our handy brand slider, which provides you an overview of our manufacturers.

With a click on the logo of your choice, you can go directly to the manufacturer page. In addition to further information, here you can also find an overview of the product categories of the respective manufacturer. Simply click on one of the categories to go directly to the corresponding products of the manufacturer.

Targeted Search icon Targeted search

The error-tolerant search, the direct order feature from the basket, as well as the search for products with similar technical characteristics lead quickly and accurately to the right product.

  1. Error-tolerant search

    Enter your search terms at the top of the page in the search box and we will make suggestions via the drop-down menu about your request. The suggestions are divided into up to three types: Category, product and manufacturer pages. Just click on the suggestion that suits you to be directed to the corresponding page.

    Our intelligent search also accounts for small typing mistakes to ensure you reach your goal.

  2. Fast direct order feature

    If you are already in the shopping basket and you think of additional items that you would like to add quickly, you do not have to take time to navigate back through the categories. Simply use the direct order function from the basket. After entering the category or product name, a drop-down menu with suitable product suggestions will open for your input.

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Automation24 user-friendly navigation

Product comparison feature

The product comparison feature helps with the purchasing decision icon Product comparison feature to help with the purchasing decision

With the help of the product comparison feature, you can see the differences in any number of items at a glance. Simply click the check box at the category level of the desired items, and then click on Product Comparison.

Filter function icon Filter functions for fast product identification

In the search for the right product, we also support our detailed technical feature filter function with which you can select according to manufacturers, price ranges and technical specifications such as design, installation method, voltage type and much more. Depending on the subcategory you are in, you will be presented with relevant filter options.

Recommendation for suitable product accessories at Automation24

Comparison according to similar technical characteristics

Comparison according to similar technical characteristics icon Comparison of products with similar technical characteristics

The technical feature filter can also effortlessly be used for products with similar technical characteristics to find and compare them together. In the checkbox, select the characteristics for which you want to see more products, and click on the button "Search for similar items". It then opens an overview of products with your previously selected characteristics.

Recommendation of suitable accessories icon Recommendation of suitable product accessories

For each sensor, you need the appropriate sensor cable and for each controller the appropriate expansion module. With us, you do not have to search long for the right accessories. On each product detail page we suggest the appropriate products for you.

Recommendation for suitable product accessories at Automation24

Comprehensive product documentation at Automation24

Article documentation icon Comprehensive product documentation

For each product you will find comprehensive product information in the form of short facts, clearly listed technical data, and product descriptions. If you need more information, you can also download datasheets, declarations of conformity and CAD data from the product page.

Availability indicator iconReal-time product availability indicator

Our stocks are displayed in real time in our shop. This enables you to see at a glance whether the desired product is available from stock. All products that are green, we have available in sufficient quantities from stock. All other products are already on the way for further delivery.

Recommendation for suitable product accessories at Automation24

Best customer service at Automation24

Customer service icon Superior customer service

Should not all your questions be answered online, you are welcome to contact us any timevia the Live-Chat, which you can access on the right sidebar, via telephone at the toll free telephone number 800-250-6772, or via e-mail at – we are here for you, and can answer your technical questions about our products.

One Page Checkout icon Clear One-Page Checkout

Thanks to the One-Page Checkout, you can now find all of your order information clearly displayed on one page before the transaction is completed. This saves valuable time.

One Page Checkout at Automation24

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Smart features while logged in

Multi-User Account

Mulit-user account icon Multi-User accounts for individual account use

Here you can easily create different contact persons with their own address editing options. All orders can be viewed and managed via the main account.

Digital retrieval of documents icon Digital retrieval of order documents

In your account under the section Orders, you can not only see the order status and general order history, but by clicking on the PDF download button, you can also download order-specific digital documentation at any time so you never miss anything, and always have control over your ordering processes at Automation24.

 Digital retrieval of documents

One Page Checkout at Automation24

Shipment tracking icon Shipment tracking function

On the Orders screen, you can view the tracking number of any package, any time after the shipment has been dispatched. This way, you can track your shipments and remain up to date.

Easy repuchase feature icon Easy repurchase feature

Under Orders, you can repurchase previously purchased products with one click, or even repeat entire orders. You also have the option to use the Wish list feature in your account to make it easier to place recurring orders, or to mark new products for your next order.

Wish list

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Stay tuned! We are always working on other new shop features, which we will introduce to you here very soon.