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SELEC Controls USA
  • Cyclic with unequal ON & Off time
  • 6 time ranges
  • Universal Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC or 12 to 240V DC
  • DPDT (2 C/O) output contacts
  • DIN rail mount
  • IP50 faceplate protection
  • IP40 housing protection
  • IP20 terminal protection
  • Screw-type terminals
  • Operating Modes - Cyclic On first or Off first

Cyclic timer relay Selec 800XC-CU

2 year warranty Money back guaranty
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Technical details
General data

Multifunctional relay
See Datasheet
0 - 1s / m / h (ON Time) 0 - 10s / m / h (ON Time) 0 - 1s / m / h (OFF Time) 0 - 10s / m / h (OFF Time)
Dial Indicator
2 x Changeover contact

Electrical data

20-240 V AC or 12-240 V DC
5A @ 230V AC / 24V DC, resistive

Mechanical data

22.5 mm
77 mm
105 mm
DIN rail
Screw terminals

Ambient conditions

0 °C
50 °C

Further information

CE, cRUus

Product description
Cyclic timer relay Selec 800XC-CU
The cyclic ON first or OFF first timer 800XC-Cu from Selec offers 6 time ranges up to 10 sec/min/hr (ON Time) and 10 sec/min/hr (OFF time). The 55XC-P8-CU is DIN rail mounted, The cyclic timer is set using a dials and is CE, and RoHS certified, as well as UL recognized.
Customer reviews
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I could not get this thing to do what I wanted
of David Ingebright posted on 1/31/2020 3:26:56 PM
I wanted a timer that did on for six hours and off for six hours and it would not do it. it was one and off with seemingly random times. Checked and rechecked the programming dip sw. Talked to technical support, we went over my settings and he had one in his hand too. Good quality unit but when programmed per the instructions, it would not time 6 on and 6 off. hopefully I can return it for different timer.
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Switch location
of Dennis O'Hara posted on 5/27/2020 6:08:51 PM
DIP switches on the unit are white. User's manual shows top of switch as black for setting position. Side of relay shows top of switch as white for setting. Confusing to say the least. Diagrams should match to avoid confusion. If you don't catch this, you will never get the timing right. Other than that, unit works properly when programmed correctly
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