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SELEC Controls USA
  • Cyclic with unequal ON & Off time
  • 6 time ranges
  • Universal Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC or 12 to 240V DC
  • DPDT (2 C/O) output contacts
  • 5A @ 230V AC / 24V DC
  • Panel/plug mount
  • IP40 protection for faceplate
  • P8-8 pin plug
  • Operating Modes - Cyclic On first or Off first

Cyclic timer relay Selec 55XC-P8-CU

2 year warranty Money back guaranty
Item number: 400295
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Corresponding accessories
Socket connector Selec RGS-8
P8-8 pin socket, octal, for connection to Selec timer relays with P8-8 pin plug, Screw terminals
Item number: 402944
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Technical details
General data

Multifunctional relay
See Datasheet
0 - 1s / m / h (ON Time) 0 - 10s / m / h (ON Time) 0 - 1s / m / h (OFF Time) 0 - 10s / m / h (OFF Time)
Dial Indicator
2 x Changeover contact

Electrical data

20-240 V AC or 12-240 V DC
5A @ 230V AC / 24V DC, resistive

Mechanical data

48 mm
48 mm
86 mm
8 Pin octal socket (not included)

Ambient conditions

0 °C
50 °C

Further information

CE, cRUus

Product description
Cyclic timer relay Selec 55XC-P8-CU
The cyclic ON first or OFF first timer 55XC-P8-CU from Selec offers 6 time ranges up to 10 sec/min/hr (ON Time) and 10 sec/min/hr (OFF time). The 55XC-P8-CU is panel/plug mounted. The cyclic timer is set using dials and is CE, UL, and RoHS certified. Additional 8 pin octal socket base needed for wire terminations.
Customer reviews
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So far so good
of Barry Look posted on 3/19/2019 2:10:09 AM
It does exactly what I want and need it to do. Hopefully it will keep doing that for a long time. Very happy with it
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Fantastic timers. Prompt service
of Doyle Stoller posted on 11/15/2019 8:09:11 PM
I bought 4 of these a few months ago for various applications around our farm and am buying 4 more right now. They will do anything you want. They are a little confusing to set up. It’s almost like the “1” switch should be labeled 1/10 (of a minute/hour /second) and the 10 switch should be labeled one. Either way mess around with them and you can get them to work.
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Works as advertised
of Samuel Hatheway posted on 3/16/2020 6:21:49 AM
Works great easy to use.
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