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Complete cabinet solutions

At Automation24 you can find everything you need for your complete control cabinet solutions. From the the rugged and easy-to-install components for reliable control cabinet access on the outside, to how you power, protect, and control your application on the inside: we've got you covered!

Complete cabinet solutions
1. Enclosures / Control cabinets Enclosures / Control cabinets

Polycarbonate, steel, and stainless-steel options avaialble to protect electrical components in any environment

2. Stack lights Stack lights

Clear visual or acoustic notification of operation status via complete devices, light modules and buzzers

3. HMI operating panels HMI operating panels

SIMATIC HMI Basic panels provide an easy user interface to control installations and machinery

4. Disconnect switches Stack lights

GA series three-pole disconnect switches and accessories for safe operation and maintenance

5. Tools Tools

Ergonomic hand tools and easy-to-use marking systems establish long-term connections

6. Rectangular connectors Rectangular connectors

Heavy-duty modular designs ensure safe and easy power, signal, and data transmission

7. Cable glands / entry systems Cable glands / entry systems

Easily enter your cabinet or enclosure while maintaining ingress protection and sealing integrity

8. Switches Switches

Wide variety of pushbuttons, key operated switches, E-stops and more for reliable process control

9. Panel interface connectors Panel interface connectors

Provide access to both power and data points from the outside of your cabinet or enclosure

10. Contactors Contactors

Control both AC and DC circuits for small loads

11. Circuit breakers Circuit breakers

Effectively protect your control system and devices from damage due to short circuit or overload

12. Monitoring relays Monitoring relays

Current-dependent overload protection of machines and motors

13. Transformers Transformers

Provide low and safe control voltage for operation of your internal cabinet

14. Speed monitoring Speed monitoring

Ensure process operation remains within normal and safe conditions

15. Flow monitoring Flow monitoring

Convert measured flow rates into standardized signals and ensure signal stability

16. Coupling / Timer relays Coupling / Timer relays

Provide targeted signal control in applications with multiple functions and ranges

17. Variable frequency drives Variable frequency drives

Economical drive solutions for applications with simple motion sequences

18. Control systems Control systems

CPUs, expansion IO, and communication modules efficiently and precisely maintain complete control of your application

19. Cables / wires Cables / wires

Data, control, and power cables provide direct energy and data transmission

20. Power supplies Power supplies

Provide clean and reliable low-voltage power

21. Unmanaged Ethernet switches Unmanaged Ethernet switches

Easily connnect and communicate with remote devices

22. Terminal blocks Terminal blocks

Versatile wiring solutions to organize field wiring

23. Signal conditioning Signal conditioning

Convert and isolate current signals into useful and manageable signals for input devices

24. Enclosure accessories Enclosure accessories

Manage environmental conditions, ensure proper installation, and provide local power